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Self portrait with falling cameras

How it all began.

I’ll never forget the first time I built a website.

Back in 2015, I started an engineering workshop for children and with limited capital to fund the business, I decided to build the website myself using Wix. I’ve always been quite creative and a problem solver, so after a little research on the internet, I was able to build an online space in one night.

It served my business adequately for about a year but then the Wix platform was no longer the best fit for my business needs (I will say that Wix has a much better offering today than what was on offer back then). I wanted greater flexibility to build my website in the way that I envisioned it and the idea of owning my website and having the ability to move it whenever I needed to became important to me which was how I was introduced to Wordpress.

Over the years, my focus has shifted from building websites for myself to building digital spaces for other businesses. Through running two businesses – an engineering children’s workshop and a photography business, I learnt the importance of community, building trust and designing systems that allowed a business to thrive.

Lean business is the goal.

I’m passionate about lean businesses which means I believe that your business should free you from overwhelming responsilibities that takes away from what matters to you most. This is why making your website work harder for you is central to the Baya Garden Studio approach.

Armed with a comprehensive tech strategy, your space should be optimised to engage with your audience and streamline your business processes.

I have learned alot over the years about optimising businesses and I am obsessed about refining my strategies and sharing the best tried and true approaches with you so that you don’t have to waste time starting from scratch.

I love sharing best practises here at the Baya Garden Studio. Connect with me through my newsletter to receive quick tips on what’s working today.